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Gen. Richard Wilmot

General Wilmot is a consultant to industry, the US Government and foreign Government’s on special projects such as nation building, creating strategic alliances, international business techniques, counter-terrorism, international security and crisis management. General Wilmot volunteers hundreds of hours of time in Arizona and California to Youth Leadership Training through Angel Light Academy.

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Lynn O'Brien

Lynn O’Brien works as CEO of Stonehenge Properties Inc. and Sienna Oaks Land in Los Gatos, California,. Lynn oversees development endeavors including land acquisition, design and construction of high-end homes. Recently Lynn has also become involved in the development of an international resort project located in the Caribbean.
Previously, Lynn was the Director of Human Resources at AccessLan a communications company in San Jose, CA. Lynn O’Brien has a long history working in the field of Human Recourses for technology companies.

Lynn O’Brien was educated at UOP, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Lynn belongs to the Private Industry Recruiters Council, the Society for Human Resource Management. She was recently made a member of the Summit League an important philanthropic organization supporting local causes in the Silicon Valley. Lynn is also a former Member of the Board of Directors at the San Jose Art League.

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Kathi Carey

As a young girl Kathi Carey won the Chopin Piano Award and the Bank of America Award for Fine Arts for the state of California. Kathi was the star and “icon” for the web TV series Confessions and wrote and directed half of the segments. One reviewer called it “…all the makings of a good Aaron Spelling series” and the series was featured in a 3/4-page spread on the front page of the Business Section of the Los Angeles Daily News. Her film, Reflections of a Life screened at over 25 film festivals worldwide, won numerous awards and received an unusual amount of media attention for a short film. She is currently packaging this project as a feature entitled One in Nine. Her current project, Worth, which she also wrote, directed, produced and starred in, has screened at 31 festivals worldwide and won 30 awards thus far, including being a finalist at two Academy-qualifying festivals. With 7 features, 3 one-hour network drama’s and a half-hour sitcom currently in development, Kathi is committed to advancing her projects and creating opportunities for others in the industry.

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William Foster

William Foster became one of the top producers nationally for BMW, was awarded BMW Honors status becoming one of the top 1% within the organization and was recognized as having a passion for the brand. William went on to become one of the top producers in the finance and insurance department in a high volume Auto Nation Toyota dealership.. In Atlanta he became General Manager for Hank Aaron BMW/MINI where he increased the net profitability 350% from '04 to '05. This enabled the ownership to sell the dealership for $45MM in profit after assets. William's interests are luxury & exotic automobiles, particularly BMW and Ferrari, and Formula One 1 racing.

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Arthur Whitten

A professional reputation has provided key positions for Arthur Whitten on both corporate and multi-jurisdictional government teams. Career and academic professional growth have been honored with a place of distinction on the rolls of the Police Honor Legion, Strathmore’s Who’s Who and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Accolades include commendations from community groups and government agencies.

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JT Grimm

JT Grimm studied mathematics and science at the University of Illinois. While pursuing activities in the entertainment industry that has included stints in front of the camera, JT has proven to be an effective researcher in a wide variety of fields on behalf of clients in the performance of due diligence, market analysis and projections. In one instance, he investigated the costs involved for the launch of a cable network. In another, he analyzed the growth probability of product integration in entertainment content. In yet another, he examined traffic and tourism patterns along the old Route 66 and the modern I40 in New Mexico for a study in economic redevelopment. He brings a scientific and mathematical precision to his research conclusions.

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Peter Canalichio

As the General Manager of CardScan, Pete delivered quick wins while rejuvenating the organizational culture. Previously, directing Rubbermaid’s global licensing program, he earned the corporate MVP award for more than doubling royalty revenues and wholesale sales in just two years. As Business Development Director at Tula Communications, Pete spearheaded an aggressive pursuit to become Samsung’s agency of record for its pioneering Olympic Torch Relay sponsorship—elevating both Samsung and Tula into world-class ranks in Olympic marketing. Pete has operated in the global arena, having worked in more than 40 countries and managed extensive projects across national and continental borders. Pete is a US Naval Academy graduate and an award-winning Naval aviator. In 2009 Pete Canalichio founded the EverworthGroup and launched Licensing Brands, Inc. and Canalichio Investments, Inc.

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Joe Gossett

Joe Gossett, founder and president of has expanded his consultant services to assist corporations and organizations to Leave A Legacy.
Start-ups, well established corporations and organizations have realized that creative planning can achieve increased benefits without increased costs in the area of community contributions. Joe has over 20 years of experience in the senior management of bringing corporations and organizations together with local or national non-profits. He has received major contributions from Fortune 500 Corporations and he has worked with some of the largest national and international as well as start-up, emerging non-profits.

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Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman has over a quarter century of business leadership. After an MBA from University of Chicago, Mark spent eleven plus years with Fortune 500 consumer products companies (Procter & Gamble, Clorox) in the U.S. and Japan. He has worked with small and medium-sized businesses & start-ups in a broad variety of for-profit and nonprofit categories. Over the past several years, Mark has managed and consulted for a range of businesses, including the world's largest fishing tackle manufacturer, America's #3 ice cream brand, and a health supplement manufacturer. His focus has remained on strategy, innovation, marketing, helping executives and entrepreneurs become better leaders, developing organizations, and having fun while achieving breakout growth. He regularly invests in developing new skills, including programs with FranklinCovey, Authentic Leadership, Center of Executive Coaching, and Institute for Business Growth.

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John De Sa

John De Sa has implemented large scale systems and .com solutions which has provided him a vision that is unique. As a CPA, John has improved processes thousands of percentage points using simple techniques: "Not everything requires large changes." Managing people has given him perspective and identified the largest mistake that organizations make: Not managing the human element.

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