Who will be able to view the projects I post on the site?

Only Verified Investors who have been vetted and invited to the site can view your information.

How long does it take for my project to be seen?

It is available for viewing within 20-30 minutes of your posting it to your profile.

Where do I post my project?

Post information about your project on your profile in the Project Info tab.

How many Projects can I post?

Entrepreneur subscribers can post one project at a time. Entrepreneur Plus subscribers can post multiple projects and upload additional Word or PDF documents.

What information should I post about my project?

Whatever tends to make your project unique and which might attract interest. The overview should include goals, budget requirements and attachments if applicable.

Is there any cost to me if my project is funded?


What if I have trouble creating my profile?

Click on the support button at the bottom of the page and describe the problem you have encountered. Admin will respond.