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How Toyota and Rolex, Two Great Brands, Inspired Two More – Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed how the Lexus brand came to be. Toyota, a company for the masses, under the tutelage of Eiji Toyoda, launched the Lexus brand and quickly elevated his company into the desirable and lucrative luxury market.
Juxtaposed with the creation of the Lexus brand, the Rolex Company in 1946 chose to create the Tudor brand, inspired after the long-reigning English dynasty. To put the launch of the Tudor brand in context, Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis founded the Rolex Company in 1905 with the belief that watches could be worn on the wrist and be both elegant and reliable.



How Toyota and Rolex, Two Great Brands, Inspired Two More – Part 1

When you think of how some of the world’s greatest brands came to be, Lexus and Tudor come to mind. Both brands were launched by companies that already had well established brands in different segments – Toyota in the case of Lexus and Rolex in the case of Tudor. Toyota, a brand for the masses elevated its company with the Lexus brand, a benchmark in luxury, performance and reliability since its inception.  Rolex, the worlds most accurate and elegant watch brand, devised a way to share its achievement with a much bigger portion of mankind through the Tudor brand.  Two brands, two methods, two incredible accomplishments.